Up-Close View of Apple’s Self-Driving Tech


Apple has been working on its own version of self-driving technology. We learned last year that the company had moved away from designing its own vehicle, opting instead to develop a system that could be incorporated into existing vehicles.

Cofounder of Voyage, MacCallister Higgins, gave an up-close view of the system that has been codenamed Project Titan.

Higgens posted a short video on Twitter of a Lexus SUV topped with Apple’s sensor array, which he called “The Thing.” He also said that the majority of the compute stack is likely contained within the roof unit itself, rather than stored elsewhere in the vehicle, and noted that it had six LiDAR units on the front and back. Such a self-contained unit would be pretty easy to pop onto any car really without requiring many additional modifications to the vehicle itself, which is probably why Apple has opted for such a design.