Uber’s Customers Excited Over Uber’s Technology Tips


Enterprise Television- Uber’s Customers Excited Over Uber’s Technology Tips

Uber Taxi customers in Nigeria have continued to commend the transport company for the evolving and cutting-edge technology it introduced into metropolitan transport system, adding that the technology and safety tips of Uber have helped to improve the overall experience of passengers.

Customer said the technology has opened up new means of economic and business opportunities for many millennials in Nigeria.

According to Uber, riders should always take the time to review the safety features available to them in the app. It’s important for them to remember that Uber rides can only be requested through the Uber app, so users should never accept street hail solicitations from those claiming to be with Uber.

The transport company in a statement, said it would continue to furnish riders with the best safety tips and guide on how best to make maximum use of its app for improved customer experience.

However this will help friends and family keep track of where they are on the trip and they can do this without even downloading the Uber app.