Tunisia Expects Chances from China to Boost Employment


Enterprise Television- Tunisia Expects Chances from China to Boost Employment

Tunisia sees significant potential for cooperation with China to ease the alarming unemployment in the North African country.

The minister of Vocational Training and Employment, Faouzi Abderrahmane, said Tunisia will learn from China to boost employment, especially for the young people.

According to Faouzi, the cooperation between Tunisia and China could obviously develop in the fields of entrepreneurship, sciences, technology and trade.

However, the Tunisian government have introduced specific program, such as the Active Employment Policies, which serve about 80,000 beneficiaries annually, to redress the supply-demand relationship in the employment sector.

The state budget for 2018 allocated to the Ministry of Vocational Training and Employment is about 700 million dinars (287 million U.S. dollars), the majority of which will be injected into projects creating job opportunities.