Tanzania Revokes Licenses of Drugs and Explosives’ Ships


Enterprise Television- Tanzania Revokes Licenses of Drugs and Explosives’ Ships

Two ships were seized towards the end of last year and early this year in the Dominican Republic and Greece respectively.

The vice President of Tanzania, Samia Suhumu Hassan named the ships as Kaluba, which was seized in the Dominican Republic with 1,600 kilogrammes of cocaine and Andromeda, which was seized in Greece on January 6 with materials used to make explosives.

The government revoked licences of the two marine vessels flying Tanzanian flag after they were seized for shipping illicit drugs and explosives contrary to national and international laws.

The vice president said that President Magufuli has directed the authorities to take appropriate legal measures aginst those who were involved in registering the ships with the Zanzibar Marine Authority.

The vice president said the decision was reached in consultation with authorities from the Revolution Government of Zanzibar and that, going forward,the two governments will form a committee to review registration of all ships flying the Tanzanian flag.