Sketches with Zebulon Agomuo


The gospel according to Gov Yari Since Abdulaziz Yari, Zamfara State governor, dropped the bomb last week on the possible cause of the renewed outbreak of Type C meningitis, presuming that disobedience to God may have been responsible, many Nigerians have branded him an accidental preacher. Yari was quoted as saying that fornication was the main reason God was punishing Nigeria with the deadly type of meningitis that was alien to the country, which has no known vaccine. He added that God decided to send Type C of the disease which has no vaccine as punishment for Nigerians’ nefarious activities. The governor specifically named fornication as one of the sins which may have made God to inflict the country with the disease. “Because people refused to stop their nefarious activities, God now decided to send Type C virus, which has no vaccination. People have turned away from God and he has promised that ‘if you do anyhow, you see anyhow.’ That is just the cause of this outbreak, as far as I am concerned. There is no way fornication will be so rampant and God will not send a disease that cannot be cured,” he said. The governor expressed the belief that the epidemic will end once Nigerians decide to repent from their sinful way of life. “The most important thing is for our people to know that their relationship with God is not smooth. All they need to do is repent and everything will be alright,” he explained. Many Nigerians may sneer at what Governor Yari has said, but to see a Nigerian politician preaching and calling people to repentance is not a happenstance. We must not forget that the Almighty can use any medium to pass his message across. In the days of Balaam, he used an ass on which the man was riding to pass an urgent information to him. There may be some people out there saying that Yari lacked the spiritual endowments and competences to convey God’s message, yet, without going to the Mosque or the Church, they have heard a serious message from the mouth of a Nigerian politician. God, indeed, works in mysterious ways! …………………………………………………………………….   Buhari’s ministers       For several months, there have been calls for injection of new blood in the President Muhammadu Buhari’s cabinet. A good number of Nigerians have expressed disappointment at the below-par performance of many of the ministers who have shown obvious traces of incompetence. Rumours had been rife that about 10 ministers had been marked for sack, but with the recent announcement of the two ministerial nominees by the President, it appears Abuja is comfortable with the performance of the ministers and Aso Rock is not thinking about dropping any of them. There are too many questions to ask: Is it the way the country will just be moving, groping in the dark without appreciable and noticeable improvement in any sector? Is the President really comfortable with members of his cabinet? Does he not feel the pain and agony of Nigerians over the poor state of affairs in the country? Or could it be true that he is the cause of the non-performance of the ministers? ………………………………………………………….. Abraka and herdsmen’s onslaught Recently, the news was everywhere. The people of Abraka in Delta State had a taste of the bitter pill being dished out by Fulani herdsmen. There were bitter wailing and loud lamentation by the community people over their farm lands that were overrun by prancing cattle led by some merciless herdsmen. The invaders, according to the indigenes, effectively took charge and threatened them with AK47. A particular woman was heart-broken as she recounted the huge loss she incurred. She said the crops in her farm were totally eaten up by the animals, lamenting that she secured a loan to cultivate the land. The state police commissioner and also a commissioner in the Governor Ifeanyi Okowa’s cabinet corroborated the anguish of the people. They expressed shock at the level of destruction. Although the activities of herdsmen across the country have become more worrisome, more worrisome is the level of quietness from Abuja. The Federal Government has been accused of treating the herdsmen’s dastardly acts with kid gloves. What has continued to amaze critics is the seemingly double-standard with which the Federal Government is handling a matter that is a threat to the peace and unity of the country. Until this moment, the herdsmen operate like lords and they see themselves as untouchable. That the security agencies in the country allow the herdsmen to carry arms about is as ludicrous as it is inexplicable. We have seen situations in this country where people have been clamped into jail because they were in possession of items considered illegal, but not the herdsmen. Now that government says many of the herdsmen are not Nigerians, is it proper for aliens to be allowed to invade the country, carrying arms into the remotest villages? It is high time the President Buhari administration rose from the ashes of slumber and save the citizens the untold and unwarranted heartache. Perhaps, Nigerians should heed the advice by Yoruba elders to the people of South West to defend themselves against herdsmen. …………………………………………………………………….. Ngilari’s uncommon ‘luck’! A court in Adamawa State recently engaged in a legal somersault. After it had committed James Bala Ngilari, a former governor of the state, to prison for fraud, turned full scale to grant him bail even when the man had begun his prison term at the Yola main prison. Ngilari was sentenced to five-year jail term by Justice Nathan Musa without option of fine for violating the Public Procurement Act in the award of contract for the procurement of 25 vehicles at the sum of N168.7million to unknown female contractor. Ngilari went back to the same court that jailed him after he had even appealed his sentence and asked for bail pending the determination of his appeal. He was said to have presented a fake/forged medical report which indicated that he had been under intensive medical management and needed urgent medical attention. The drama is already generating controversy in Adamawa. The Nigeria Prison Service (NPS) has stoutly condemned the somersault. At first, Peter Tenkwa, controller of Prison in the state command, said “I have never heard about this kind of judgment in my life that a court will jail somebody and the same court will turn around and grant a controversial bail to the convict. Legally, only the Appeal Court has powers to take such an action. Since Ngilari has appealed his case, the lower court has lost powers to preside over such a case…” But Tenkwa was to be sent on suspension last week over his alleged complicity “in the issuance of unauthorised medical report to Ngilari” by the Civil Defence, Fire Immigration and Prisons Services Board. It is curious how a former governor could be sent to jail in a country where they are untouchable. What may be the truth is that Ngilari’s ordeals may have been orchestrated by some powerful elements who must have committed themselves to seeing him bite the dust. They just wanted to see him convicted and remains convicted until 2019 is over. At least, with the badge of “convicted” hanging on his neck, he would not be seen anywhere around party office in Adamawa trying to buy form to contest anything. He may have been ambushed ahead of time. …………………………………………………………… The weeping INEC One of the reasons being adduced why Nigeria has continued to grope in the darkness of maladministration is the faulty process that throws up so-called leaders in the country. Unlike in some climes where there are processes through which leaders emerge, in Nigeria it is a matter of “come as you are.” At any time the whistle for election is blown, all manner of characters invade the space. Most times, because the cultured and well-bred in the country scare stiff of soiling their reputation and hard earned integrity, others who have no regard for good name hijack the process. They are those who can sponsor thugs to attack their opponents or even kill; they sponsor all manner of rigging and damn the consequences. This is why certificate forgers, ex-convicts and many other elements are those that contest and win elections in Nigeria. Mahmud Yakubu, chairman, Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), the other day was appealing to the conscience of leaders of political parties to field credible candidates at the primaries and not vile and worthless fellows who would constitute a serious problem to entire country in the long run. “In some cases, some of the candidates shouldn’t have been nominated. Some parties recommend ex-convicts for election, certificate forgery, only for the court to nullify that election and for INEC to conduct fresh election. The parties should do basic due diligence,” Yakubu said. The post Sketches with Zebulon Agomuo appeared first on BusinessDay : News you can trust.
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