Publishers To Pay To Use Facebook


Facebook is taking content from publishers and businesses out of its main feed. Instead, those posts will exist in a separate, hard-to-find feed that Facebook recently launched for discovering new stuff, called the “Explore Feed” which will require publishers pay to promote them. It is already being tested in six countries.

Regardless of whether or not Facebook chooses to roll this out fully, it’s yet another reminder of how important Facebook has become to the media world, and for news distribution in particular. Facebook has a long history of changing the rules on a whim, leaving publishers scrambling to keep up.

It’s possible Facebook will see the same data publishers are seeing in Slovakia and decide hiding publisher Pages isn’t a good idea after all. It’s also possible the opposite could happen. Most Facebook changes start as tests before they are turned on for good, like when the company started testing autoplay videos with the sound on last August. It rolled it out to everyone in February.