Paga Launches Transaction Savings Wallet


Enterprise Television- Paga Launches Transaction Savings Wallet

Paga is redefining mobile wallets and introducing a new way to think about savings accounts with it’s the new transaction savings wallet.

In partnership with Sankore Securities, the new development allows you to fund your wallet and freely transact, while still earning an interest.

The interest is calculated on an average daily balance and is paid monthly with no hidden fees or charges at a competitive 4.0 percent per annum.

Paga’s Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Mr Tayo Oviosu,  presenting the product, he stated the motive which is to solve two problems; make it easy to send money to anyone, and deliver financial services to the unbanked/under-banked Nigerians.

Oviosu revealed that paga has now moved into digital financial services with their first product which is a transaction savings wallet, and to leverage our agent network and digital platforms to deliver financial services to all Nigerians and in partnership with Banks and other financial institutions.

He added that the transaction savings wallet permit to move money from your wallet to your bank of choice for free, make three free withdrawals monthly from any certified Paga Agent, and withdraw cash from available ATMs without a card, for a nominal fee.