NSE CEO Becomes Associate Member of CIS


Enterprise Television- NSE CEO Becomes Associate Member of CIS

The Chief Executive Officer of The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), Mr. Oscar N. Onyema, has been inducted as an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers (CIS) of Nigeria at the induction ceremony held at the Stock Exchange House, Lagos.

With this, Mr. Onyema has become the first CEO of the Exchange to be inducted as an associate member after passing the requisite examination of the institute.

The CIS is the body statutorily empowered to train and certify professionals in the Nigerian capital market. It is the only professional body in Nigeria authorised to carry out qualifying examinations into the stockbroking profession. The institute controls the activities of its members and matters associated with it.

In his opening remarks, the President of the CIS, Mr. Oluwaseyi Abe, said, “We are witnessing a rare manifestation of humility and leadership by example, as the CEO of the Exchange,  Onyema, is formally inducted as an associate member of the institution.”

He added that, “Today’s induction ceremony is unique because Onyema, despite his qualifications and experience as a well-grounded investment and securities expert qualified to practice in the United States and Nigeria, voluntarily enrolled as a member of the CIS, sat and passed the institution’s examination.”

“We are not just witnessing an induction ceremony, we are showcasing exemplary leadership, a demonstration to the commitment to the rule of law and processes, uncommon dedication and patriotism of the highest order,” he added,

“Your induction as an associate of this noble profession is a landmark event that confers on you a new level of respect and honour. It is a mark of character, capacity and competence,” he noted.

Expressing his delight after receiving his certificate as an associate member of the CIS, Onyema said, “I am very humbled by your recognition of my modest contributions to our market. I believe that my writing the CIS examination was a matter of cause and a continuous quest for knowledge and high performance. I commit to project the best image of the institution by ensuring adherence to the code of ethics of the profession. And I look forward to working with you all to improve the state of our market and the Nigerian economy at large.”