NPA: Nigeria to Reduce Sulphur Content In Diesel

Chief Executive Officer of NPA, Alhassan Tampuli

The National Petroleum Authority, NPA, is urging its Nigerian counterpart to reduce the sulphur content in its diesel fuel to about 50 parts per million(ppm). Nigeria is currently doing 3,000ppm of sulphur content, which is considered to be toxic fuel.

Mr. Tampuli who was speaking in Nigeria, Lagos during the Oil Trading and Logistics Downstream Expo said the move will help West African since the two countries control about 70 percent of fuel consumption in region.

“If we look at a snapshot of current sulphur content across some African countries show that Egypt has the worse with 10,000ppm. Big brother Nigeria has 3000ppm, Tunisia, 3000ppm, Senegal 5000ppm, so Ghana is in good company with South Africa with the East Africa sub-region with 50ppm,” he said.

Also on the panel at the forum were, CEO of the Chamber of Bulk Oil Distributors Mr. Senyo Hosi and Mr. Kweku Agyemang Duah, CEO of the Association of Oil Marketing Companies.