Nigerian Builds Automated Finger Print Payment Machine


A US-based Nigerian Information Technology expert, Adedayo Sanni, has built an Automated Finger Payment Machine [AFPM].

The AFPM is a payment device equipped with a fingerprint scanner enabling people to complete financial transactions with just their thumbprints and their pin – the ‘Thumb n Pin’ method.

This technology can find application in many ways: withdrawals from ATMs, payment at stores and petrol stations. Adedayo’s scanner just needs to be placed in any of these places for users to thumbprint and pay. Basically, people’s payment details will be encrypted in their prints.

The AFPM is designed to make daily financial transactions easy and secure, preventing credit or debit card theft, as well as identity theft.

Adedayo’s firm is on the verge of collaborating with necessary stakeholders in the financial sector to bring this solution to Nigeria.

Adedayo’s company, (Finger-print Data Solution) was launched some years ago but started the development of this machine in 2015, and they’re already partnering with IT experts in order to develop more seamless solutions that will further encourage smooth transactions for account holders anywhere in the world.

“Fingerprint Data Solution is one of the first black-owned companies in the world to have manufactured a forward-thinking idea which explores opportunities in the financial sector future. I want to bring easy transaction solutions to Nigerians and anyone can reach me at @afpm_ceo as I am very open to all.