NGO Launches Communication App for Disabled Persons


Enterprise Television-  NGO Launches Communication App for Disabled Persons

A Mongolian Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) on Monday said that it launched a special-purpose mobile portal, “Bird 1.0,” for communication of disabled people in Mongolia for the first time.

The app was created by Bird developers NGO, with the aim to facilitate communication of disabled people, support them, and provide inclusive education of children with disabilities.

The “Bird 1.0,” available on both iOS and Android devices, allows users to post more than 230 words. In addition, the users can enrich the vocabulary and imagery of the app fitting their needs.

Report reveals there are over 120,000 people with disabilities, including people with Down syndrome and autism.

However, developers explained that the app can be used by up to 30,000 people and it will be improved year after year by adding new words and images.