NCC Insists on Revoking Licences of Erring Telecoms Operators


Enterprise Television- NCC Insists on Revoking Licences of Erring Telecoms Operators

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has said it would penalise and possibly revoke the licenses of any telecommunication operators implicated in masking international telephone calls.It explained that its recent intervention has resulted in reduced call masking and refilling in the industry.

In spite of the positive development, the commission insisted that the operating licenses of some of the interconnect exchange and other licensees involved in the practice would either be revoked or suspended in the coming weeks.

The official said: Because of the critical impacts of this nefarious practice on national security and consumer experience, the Commission is determined to decisively deal with any of its licensees implicated in the scam.

Meanwhile, customer experience data monitored by the commission indicates that there has been a noticeable reduction in the volume of masked calls being received by subscribers.

NCC said they will continue to aggressively monitor all our licensees regardless of their size or scope of their operations. Anyone found wanting would be dealt with in accordance with law.