MTN Knows What Keeps You Up #ManInTheBox

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MTN Knows What Keeps You Up #ManInTheBox

The concept of business has probably been from time immemorial and same for technology. But the recent times have brought a fusion between business and technology such that tech has been infused into the systems driving business.

So many brands have created different products that help to meet the need of technology and data to foster business growth. However, the first telecoms brand in Nigeria, MTN appears to be the first to understand the businesses in Nigeria (both large corporate and SMEs) and have always introduced niche products for entrepreneurs.

An average entrepreneur wants to achieve three things among others: beat competition, grow and improve efficiency. These are most achievable with MTN having established strength in working together with customers, understanding their business challenge and developing affordable solutions that solve business needs.

The MTN Business Solutions are as follows:

Mobile AdsGo Mobile with Your Brand

Reaching your customers has never been easier. With MTN Mobile Ads, we help you connect with your target customers in multiple ways. From SMS to Voice Channels, as well as Notification and Web Channels, MTN Mobile Ads provides you diverse, easily measurable marketing campaign options that ensure you have a huge return on investment.

XaasMicrobanking Software as a Service

Outsourcing specific, non-core businesses and services is paramount in today’s businesses as customers are becoming very price sensitive and the competitive landscape gets more intense. The MTN XaaS – Microbanking Software as a Service enables institution to effectively reduce the cost, hassles and issues relating to managing applications / software and its accompanying services.

Corporate Caller Tunes

In a bid to add more value to our customers, we are pleased to introduce MTN Business Caller Tunez which is the new personalisation service designed to provide businesses access to share signature ringtones of their organisation with their clientele. The service is developed based on the personal ring back tone (RBT) service and allows businesses to upload their corporate jingles or ads on MTN’s Ring Back Tone platform setting them as their personal ring back tones or default ring back tones. In addition to existing traditional advertising channels, organisations can now share corporate information in the form of music and corporate ads with their customers and employees before they pick up a call as a way of building affinity further increasing their brands top of mind awareness.


WACS (West African Cable System) is the most advanced and only ultra-high capacity submarine cable system ever to hit the shores of Nigeria. WACS is delivered to Nigeria by MTN and links Europe, West Africa and South Africa. With WACS, businesses can enjoy unfettered connectivity between anywhere in Nigeria and anywhere in the world.

Closed User GroupFoster Collaboration Within Your Team

When business results hinge on critical communication among team members, why should your team worry about having sufficient call credit? The MTN Closed User Group (CUG) Service takes care of that worry, creating a call community that enables your employees to make unlimited mobile calls, free of charge, or send unlimited free SMS to colleagues at a flat monthly rate.

So have you got a staff size of at least 10? Get in touch and let’s help you foster collaboration within your team with our CUG service.

Data Hosting

At MTN Business, we are poised to lead the delivery of a bold, new digital world to our customers and make their lives a whole lot brighter. That’s why we provide Hosting Services that cater to the needs and budget of every market segment.

Whether you are a small and medium-scale business or a large-scale enterprise, our range of virtual servers and enterprise-grade dedicated servers running windows or Linux OS, or the IBM/AIX platforms, provide the right environment for you to run applications without the associated costs and encumbrances of self-owned infrastructure.

Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Apps are business applications designed for the mobile devices. These Apps enable your workforce to be productive on the go and when working from offsite locations. Most Apps integrate to an existing ERP system that currently exists in the organisation.

Data Share

MTN Data Share is a service that provides a group of SIMs with mobile Internet access. Data Share offers organisations the opportunity to purchase mobile internet capacity to share amongst their staff. This makes it easier for organisations to manage spend.

Direct Contact

MTN is pleased to introduce Direct Connect, an efficient, cost-effective telecommunications service specifically developed to meet the demands of corporate customers in Nigeria whose communications requirements are unique to their locations.

It is ideal for use by those with multiple fixed-line trunks that are currently experiencing difficulties working, even at levels below full capacity.  This service is known as Direct Connect simply because it provides a direct access to the MTN network, and in so doing, bypasses those areas in which there are current communications problems. It is also an integrated fixed and mobile telecommunications solution designed to enable seamless integration of new services, as they become available and in keeping with your future demands.

IP Connect

Based on IP Technology, MTN Nigeria’s IP Connect service enables organisations of all sizes to securely and cost effectively connect employees, contractors, business partners and customers.

MTN Nigeria is introducing the IP Connect service based on Internet Protocol Virtual Private Networks (IP-VPNs), which allows companies with locations spread out in Nigeria to connect and transfer data on a private and secure way over reliable robust MPLS infrastructure.

An Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network (IP VPN) is a routed link between two or more points across a shared network infrastructure with various degrees of security that ensure privacy for all parties.

Secure Connect

Secure Connect is a branch connectivity solution offering multi-site organisations secure connectivity between sites with the addition of backup connectivity that becomes active once there is a failure on the primary link. This offers secure, flexible and high availability connectivity to businesses that demand zero downtime.

Secure Connect combines IP Connect as the primary link and VSAT as the secondary (redundant) link.


What If Mobile Communication Solutions Were as Rich as the Best Cup of Coffee?

In the New World of MTN Business, that isn’t an “if.” It’s an everyday reality – with MTN eValuPlus – your corporate mobile voice communication package.

Not only do you enjoy calls to all networks at a flat rate of just 11 kobo per second, you also receive calls for free when you roam in 15 countries, such as the UK, USA, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Belgium, Malaysia and the Netherlands!

Simply achieve a monthly spend of N3000 on your line before travelling, and you’ll qualify for the free incoming calls. Plus, you can enjoy up to 50% discount on calls to one international destination.

Leased Circuits

MTN provides business customers with a facility through which their data can be transmitted between computer and electronic information devices at two or more of the businesses operating areas, sites or branches. Within the service, MTN Nigeria provides the physical inter-connection of the sites to the MTNN Network, ensures the correct configuration and routing within the Network, management of the terminating devices, health monitoring and status notifications and general day to day operations of the whole network.

MTN has once again launched displayed the understanding of what keeps an average entrepreneur with the Man In The Box. Not too far from expectation, MTN is the #ManInTheBox that works day and night, whatever the weather: described by an office in a billboard displaying the phrases- ‘We what keeps you up, let’s talk’.

During the #ManInTheBox campaign launch event at Oriental Hotel, Lagos, Nigeria, MTN’s Chief Enterprise Business Officer, Lynda Saint-Nwafor said the campaign symbolises MTN’s focus and desire to support business growth and transformation –no matter the time or day –using a wide range of world-class business solutions, backed by cutting edge technology.

“Our aim is to be a true partner for success, delivering high impact right-sized connectivity solutions. Helping you become more agile and efficient, expanding market access and making them more competitive. We do this by listening and consulting to gain a clear understanding of what keeps you up, your circumstances, pain-points, ambitions and priorities. We want to hear from you. Send us an email at”

Probably, if you send the email, your business could get display of product or service on the MTN LED boards Free of Charge. To apply for the Man In The Box, click here.

MTN Business is certainly a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs who hope to use technology to drive their ventures to growth, beat competition and enhance efficiency.