Mozambique Govt Denies Doing Business with North Korea


Enterprise Television-Mozambique Govt Denies Doing Business with North Korea

Mozambique denies allegations that it continues to do business with North Korea in violation of U.N. sanctions.

A report proves that North Korea has signed contracts worth millions of dollars in Mozambique, funneled the money through diplomatic channels and used profits from fishing vessels off the Mozambican coast to fund its nuclear program.

The deputy minister of foreign affairs and cooperation, Maria Manuela Lucas, denied that her government has made any agreements with North Korea that violate sanctions. She said Mozambique welcomes outside monitoring.

She added that her government is working with private Mozambican businesses to educate them about the sanctions and shut down illegal operations.

The United States, which has led the charge for tougher sanctions against North Korea, declined to comment specifically about the Mozambique case, but said it would continue to hold countries accountable.