Mesh Network, Startup Grind Connect Entrepreneurs


Mesh Network, in collaboration with Startup Grind held 2017 end of year networking event for SMEs, startups and business professionals at the Innovation Center, Lekki, Lagos.

Mesh Network is an organisation that provides a range of consulting and technical business for SMEs to improve their business efficiency and save costs, while Startup Grind is a global startup community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs.

In the words of the Mesh Network CEO, Tochi Ginigeme, the event which started in March 2017 was to “create a platform where entrepreneurs and business minded individuals can come together, connect, collaborate and eventually scale”.

Nigerian British investor and Entrepreneur, Tomi Davies,  in an interview with Enterprise Television correspondent  said entrepreneurs should have a vision that is compelling and solves a societal problem.

“Make sure you have a vision that is compelling, the one that actually solves a societal problem. If you are not solving a problem as a society then you are not really going to make good commercial sales,” Tomi said.

Abimbola Adebakin,  a Nigerian business executive and  CEO of Advantage Health Africa who also spoke to start ups, said entrepreneurs should come together, rub minds and learn from each other. “The more entrepreneurs can come together to rub minds, to learn from one another, their eyes are opened, they are empowered,” she siad.

She added that knowledge is power and the first thing entrepreneurs need is knowledge rather than capital.

Also in attendance were the CEO of Techpoint Adewale Yususf, and CEO of Slatecube Chris Kwekowe.