LCCI Targets 500,000 Participants in 2017 LITF


Lagos International Trade Fair (LITF) 2017, will attract over 500,000 participants as all arrangement has been made to host the annual event, Lagos International Trade Fair (LITF) organiser, Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), said.

According the Chairman of Trade Promotion Board, Mr. Sola Oyetayo, the fair is aimed at supporting Nigeria’s quest to achieve a virile industrialised economy by providing a platform for the nation’s industrial, manufacturing, agriculture, solid minerals and service sectors.

Oyetayo, who stated this at the press briefing on forthcoming of the fair over the weekend in Lagos, said the theme of the fair “Promoting Industralisation for Economic Recovery and Sustainable Growth is apt and timely in the face of the current economic realities which underscores the need for diversification and inter-sectoral synergy.

He called on all industry players to support the efforts of the government in revamping and stabilsing the economy through the injection of capital into the economy to drive investment in agriculture, manufacturing, trade, services and technology.

He stated that the provision of enabling business environment, industrialisation is a major springboard to economic recovery and massive job creation.

He said that if government can vigorously pursue the noble path, it will no doubt result in sustainable growth desired for our increasing population. On our part we shall continue to use all avenue to support industrialization.

He noted that the fair will provide a platform for industrial and service sectors to interact with relevant players in the Nigerian economy.

He stated that over 200 foreign exhibitors from than 15 countries (China, Japan, Ecuador, Indonesia, Ghana, Egypt, Slovenia, Pakistan, Turkey, Cameroun, Kenya, Singapore, Jamaica, Republic of Benin,South Africa, including countries in the European Union and the North America).

He said the fair will feature, international investment conference, business to business meeting, secondary school essay competition , business clinics,  Lagos creative industry fair  and special day for exhibitors.