Kogi State to sell Confluence Rice by December


Omi Agricultural Development Centre, owned by Kogi State will hit the markets with rice and fish by December. The centre located in Yagba-West Local Government will sell “Confluence’’ rice. The Special Adviser to Gov. on Agriculture and Rural Development, Mr David Apeh, has said.

‘’In December, God willing, the state government will be out with Kogi Confluence Rice from Omi Dam,’’. Mr Apeh confirmed that the necessary arrangement for the December deadline has been completed.

“The milling factory in Omi will also serve as undertaker for other rice-producing local government areas of the state to mill all and package them for the markets.’’

The Omi project also has about 500 fish ponds. Apeh hopes that fish production would boost the state government effort to feed the people of the state and the nation at large.

“With all these, we should be the ‘’Food Basket of the Nation’’ rather than Benue which currently claims the title. We have everything it takes to achieve that.