IMF Urges Nigeria to Build Investment Platforms


Enterprise Television –  IMF Urges Nigeria to Build Investment Platforms

The International Monetary Fund has called on the Nigerian government to give more priority to attracting significant private investment to help drive domestic revenue mobilization and to boost economic growth in Nigeria.

During the IMF Spring 2018 Regional Economic Outlook for Sub-Saharan Africa, the IMF’s country Senior Representative, Amine Mati, said the latest Q1 2018 GDP growth rate of Nigeria at 1.95%, was within the IMF projection of 2.1% for this year.

He explained that about two-third of the countries in the region could experience the growth riding on the back of stronger global growth, higher commodity prices and improved capital market access.

Mr Mati stated that on current policies, average growth in the region was expected to decline below 4 per cent over the medium term

“Across countries, economic outcomes are far from uniform. Oil exporters are still dealing with the legacy of the largest real oil price decline since 1970 with growth well below past trends and rising debts,” he added.

According to him, there was need for prudent fiscal policy to rein in public debt, while monetary policy must be geared toward ensuring low inflation, adding that the countries should continue to pursue structural reforms to reduce market distortions to increase private investment.

He said this would strengthen revenue mobilisation to give governments the means to invest in physical and human capital as well as social infrastructure.

However, he mentioned that revenue mobilisation was one of the most pressing policy challenges facing sub-Saharan African countries, confirming that all African countries are seeking to raise revenue to make progress toward their sustainable development goals while preserving fiscal sustainability.

“Despite substantial progress in revenue mobilisation, sub-Saharan Africa was still one of the regions with the lowest revenue-to-GDP ratio,” Mr Mati added.