Identity: A Customer and Visitor Management Tool


Enterprise Television- Identity: A Customer and Visitor Management Tool

In a bid to help businesses and individuals manage staff, clients and visitors more effectively, the Identity (ID) team announced the launch of their new product, “Identity”.

“Identity” is a cloud-based customer and visitor management solution that solves the problems encountered in identifying and tracking visitors, staff and guests. Identity as a product provides services across various verticals- schools, government institutions, home, events and offices- and the team have gone further to design unique management plans to meet specific needs of each sector.

Tochukwu Egesi, CEO of Identity, said “Identity is not just about managing staff and visitors; we want to help create an improved experience by giving every user a feeling of importance. Technology is changing the way we live, and we’re trying to make life better, one solution at a time”.

He said, with Identity, unending waits and delays at the reception which cause a lot of pandemonium will be a thing of the past, as users can now book appointments with people from the comfort of their houses. Despite the immense value the product offers, the plans have been kept flexible and budget friendly. The ID team is looking to become a household name across Africa in the future, which may be closer than they expect as they recently acquired their fourth major client in the space of a month.

Identity’s Chief Growth Officer, Saheed Ajibulu, added “Identity was created with the users in mind. We have worked really hard to perfect this product and have ensured affordability by creating flexible plans to keep our services accessible across various levels. We’ll keep making improvements so only the best should be expected going forward.”