ICT curriculum to make a comeback in Indian Schools


The Andhra Pradesh School Education Department is planning to bring back the information and communication technology (ICT) curriculum in 1,647 schools across the State.

The Commissionerate of School Education held a national-level workshop on information and communication technology curriculum on Monday, where representatives discussed the best implementation methods. There are two phases of information and communication technology, which was implemented in united Andhra Pradesh in over 4,000 schools.

However, post-bifurcation, it got halted and now with the new advanced methodology, the department is trying to implement ICT curriculum across the State.

The revised ICT curriculum is mainly focused on integrating ICT tools as part of pedagogy, instead of teaching computer as a separate subject in state schools. As part of this, a separate curriculum will be given to both the teachers and students. Addressing the gathering, K Sandhya Rani, Commissioner of School Education, said students in the digital era already have a good exposure to technology but they lack how to effectively use digital tools for learning and communication.

“We wanted to focus on the training for both teachers and students to develop the access to technology and communication. The new policy will ensure that students use services like digital maps to identify the shortest route from their school to home and various other interesting activities.  They will also be sensitized on issues related to cyber safety, data privacy etc.,” she added.