IBM Cloud Platform for Modern Innovation


Cloud computing is advancing and businesses need to adopt cognitive and Artificial Intelligent (AI) capabilities to data for digital intelligence exponentially.

Chief technical Officer at IBM Middle East and Africa (MEA), Anthony Butler, during ‘IBM Cloud Innovation Forum’ 2017, titled IBM Cloud: The Journey Ahead’ held in Lagos on Tuesday, stated that cloud marketing has shifted from offering mere efficient modern application to functioning as re-imagined processes for optimal operations.

To Butler, “Cloud is actually the platform for modern innovations offering seamless opportunities for applications, analytics, middleware and infrastructure that will drive businesses in future. So, for businesses to stay ahead and succeed in the new world, they need to be more agile.

“Innovators are using cloud and cognitive technologies to take advantages of the opportunities in the market and transform external experiences. To win, you need to create smarter apps and services; accelerate data intelligence innovation, optimize your infrastructure with cloud options; you must develop your architecture disruption (rethink business, technology and data)”, he said.

Cloud service leader- Central West Africa, IBM, Yusuf Assenjee, said the Firm is leading the Shift to strategic IT through IBM Cloud. IBM is driving innovation with advanced set of products based on new architecture that drives applications (Watson health, Watson for IoT); AI (Watson conversation, Watson Discovery, Watson Virtual Agent); Data (Watson Data and Watson IoT) and cloud (Object storage, Compute for HPC).

The country general manager, IBM (Nigeria), Dipo Faulkner, points that for businesses in Nigeria and Africa in general to succeed in the future climate which revolves around cloud computing, they need to understand how to develop cloud strategy, know how and where to adopt the strategy for maximum impact and in a cost efficient manner.