Ethiopia to Set Up Agricultural Mechanization


Enterprise Television – Ethiopia to Set Up Agricultural Mechanization

Ethopia Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock said it has been working to enhance the mechanization of the agriculture sector in a bid to increase national food production and ensure food security.

The Senior Mechanization Expert with the Ministry Tamrat Yohannes, said the consolidated efforts are underway to augment the use of technologies to transform the agriculture sector and create a suitable environment for sustainable economic growth.

According to him, mechanization is very important as it boosts agricultural productivity, reduces product wastages, enhances productivity and quality yields, and in general enables farmers to get an adequate number of products in small farmlands in a short period of time with a little cost and labor.

He said, “Taking in to consideration the above fact, Ethiopia has been implemented agricultural mechanization strategy since 2014 and the government set different structures for the effective implementation of the strategy.”

“Moreover, given that it is impossible to achieve mechanization without new technologies, there are now agricultural financial institutions like farmers’ cooperative union and associations, which provides credit for agricultural input to farmers”.

“Also, nowadays, farmers training center are popping up throughout the country to increase the awareness of farmers on the utilization of new agricultural technologies”, He stated.

The expert however explained that by using modern technologies farmers are enhancing their productivity and exporting different agricultural products.

“As a future direction, the Ministry plans to increase the supply of agricultural technologies by allowing custom-free importation of inputs”.

“Furthermore, to solve farmer’s shortage of different technological inputs, the Ministry has organized unemployed youths to supply agricultural inputs for farmers with affordable price”, He added.