Enterprise Capital Market Brief (27/09/2017)


The Nigeria bourse closed with its All Share Index (NSEASI) appreciate in volatile mode with 0.44 per cent and Market capitalization (MKT CAP) appreciate 0.43 per cent.

The market re bounce with in an active mode with capitalized stocks like DANGCEM, NESTLE  and others with 1.94 per cent and 0.39 per cent  who shirked in prices in previous trading session.

All Share Index (NSEASI) for Wednesday 27 September, 2017 closed at 0.44 per cent at 34,103.40 slightly higher than the previous session’s 34,951.27.

Market Capitalization closed at 0.44 per cent to close at ₦12.101 trillion against previous session of ₦12.048 trillion which state an increase.

On the floor of the bourse records a decrease of 8.33 per cent with exchange hands of 2,860 deals against previous session’s 3120 deals.

The total equities traded on the floor of bourse stood at 72.74 per cent negative  to close at 136.4 million units to the previous session’s 500.3 million units.

The Value of equities traded for the day fell to –64.95 per cent more than previous session’s ₦3.620 billion to ₦1.269 billion which was recorded for the day.

Top Gain (24)

NESTLE, DANCEM and ZENITH BANK led the sixteen (24) top gained stocks today. NESTLE gained at an increase 4.76 per cent to close at 1210.60, followed by DANCEM with increase of 4.00 per cent to close at 210 and ZENITH BANK which is the third on the list appreciated by 0.39 per cent to close at 22.51.

 Top Decline (22):

MOBIL, NIGERIA BREW and GUARANTY BANK led the nineteen (22) top declined stocks today. MOBIL dip 2.01 per cent to close at 167.99 followed by NIGERIA BREW with decrease 1.5 per cent  to close at 165.5 and GUARANTY BANK which fall the third on list 0.4 per cent to close at N39.2.

Ten Best Stocks:

ZENITH BANK,FBNH and NIGERIA BREW recorded the most deals of the day.

NESTLE, NIGERIA BREW and STANBIC recorded the most value in the day.

JAIZ BANK, MEYER and FBNH recorded the most volume in the day.

Other Indexes:

Financial services industry was the most active industry for the day with 97.006 million shares exchanged for ₦0.578 billion Wednesday.

Industrial Goods Industry was next with 21.131 million shares traded for ₦0.143 billion.

Consumer Goods Industry, Conglomerates Industry and Oil and Gas Industry followed respectively.


Top gain(24)

Top Decline(22)

Top best stocks


NGN         USD                     GBP                            EURO         27/09

SELL/BUY           SELL/BUY                    SELL/BUY

362/365           480/486                    422/428

YEN                     AED                         RAND

SELL/BUY           SELL/BUY                   SELL/BUY

3.16/3.16           97.33/97.33          26.22/26.22