DHL Launches Service Logistics Final Mile Solution


DHL Supply Chain has launched a new service logistics solution for the medical device sector which consolidates field inventory into single locations and uses quality management systems to provide better control and traceability of valuable products.

The final-mile service, DHL said, helps reduce costs associated with transport between, and storage, facilities managed by third-party vendors and hospitals.

“With typically over half of their inventory in the field, this represents a significant company asset that could be better managed,” the express giant said.

Tim Slater, CEO of DHL Supply Chain Life Sciences, explained that DHL’s medical device final mile service eliminated the requirement for “just-in-case storage of medical devices.”

The new service, based largely on short-haul trucks, places consignment stocks outside of hospitals, at DHL’s facilities, and provides mission-critical availability of inventory on a same-day basis. By handing off storage, delivery and inventory to DHL, hospitals and their vendors are able to cut costs and focus on their strengths, which DHL says translates into better treatment and customer service. 

“Sales reps can often spend 25 to 35 percent of their time on logistics tasks, such as replenishing surgery kits or receiving deliveries,” DHL said.

In addition, DHL says that procurement departments are increasingly influential in buying decisions, which is decreasing the role of sales representatives.