‘Black Panther’ Smashes Box Office Records And Hollywood Myths


Enterprise Television- ‘Black Panther’ Smashes Box Office Records And Hollywood Myths

Marvel’s african-oriented comic book adaptation, “black panther,” is on track to become the most successful movie at the box office for a film with a primarily black cast, generating an estimated $192 million over its three-day opening weekend.

The movie directed by  Ryan Coogler  has earned $192 million in the u.s. over the friday-sunday period, according to estimates by the studio.

Over coming weeks, the action-adventure is expected to sail past $350 million domestically and could well surpass $400 million.

And it’s raising hopes for a new wave of broad-interest commercial films featuring black actors and stories.

“That a predominantly black-cast movie is getting this kind of traction finally shows what we all intuitively know: Make great art and people will respond,” said the actor-musician Common, who like many African Americans in entertainment has criticized the industry for ignoring the potential of black-oriented films.

But some in Hollywood also worry that “Black Panther” may prove more the exception than the rule. For all the enthusiasm over the movie, they say it has attributes — like Marvel’s massive production and marketing machine — that will make it easy to be dismissed as an outlier by executives contemplating future projects. It also comes after decades during which films from black artists struggled to gain traction in Hollywood.