Australia to Extend Trade Relations to Africa


Enterprise Television- Australia to Extend Trade Relations to Africa

Australia has revealed plans to join China, UK and Europe in the race to increase business in Africa.

Report reveals the country’s new position is aided by a new look foreign policy that emphasizes partnerships with mutual benefits.

Australia recently held an Africa Week in Perth, where it announced that it will push for mining, trade, education and cultural exchanges and technological advancement programmes in the coming years.

The country intends to share its technology with African countries that have mineral resources.

Western Australia’s mineral minister, Bill Johnson, said the mining sector, holds the key for important technological developments; for instance renewable energy, battery storage and communication technologies all rely on a robust mining sector to provide the raw materials.

“We are hoping to create greater economic and social opportunities for African countries, and the people living in them”.

“These opportunities can be made easier and more accessible through the increased access to technology that the world is creating”. Johnson said.