Assessment of Apple iPhone 8 Plus


The Apple iPhone 8 Plus, which is priced from €939. (N397, 000) has hit the market in style. The phone had barely been launched when Apple outshined its own release with the news of the iPhone X (priced at €1,100 – N468, 000), due to be out next month. Even though the iPhone 8 Plus looks remarkably similar to its predecessor, the iPhone X will be the major redesign that fans have clamored.

The iPhone 8 Plus has a load of exciting features. You will not be disappointed particularly if you held off on last year’s upgrade with the expectation that the 10th anniversary of Apple’s smartphone would bring more exciting things. A new chip means faster performance.

Artistically, there is little to tell the iPhone 8 Plus apart from its predecessor. The design is largely the same, and mode of the improvements are on the inside. Side by side, the main difference is the rear of the phone, which has changed from aluminium to glass.

It looks a little cuter, but it also serves another function: facilitating wireless charging. Yes, Apple has finally embraced wireless charging, which means we should now see a slew of new accessories aimed at the Qi standard, allowing you to drop your phone on a charging pad rather than having to plug it in.

If you’ve been using the iPhone 7 Plus, you’ll know all about the dual 12-megapixel cameras. There have been some improvements made here, with a new image sensor that Apple says it rebuilt, but the major differences are chiefly in the phone’s portrait mode and video.

The improvements in the camera are worth skipping the iPhone 7 Plus in favour of the latest model, while the A11 chip makes everything run a little more quickly and more smoothly.

In pricing terms the iPhone 8 Plus starts at €939 for the 64GB in the Apple Store, although undoubtedly there will be lower-priced options available through contracts from various mobile-phone operators.

If you were expecting a major leap in battery life, you’ll be disappointed. The iPhone 8 Plus doesn’t add much to the battery capacity since last year’s model. The good news? Apple has also embraced fast charging. The bad news? You’ll have to pay out extra for the USB C charger that enables it.