Argentine Court Rejects Ecuadorian Judgment Against Chevron


An Argentine court has dismissed an attempt to enforce a Ecuadorian judgment $9.5 billion  judgment against Chevron Corporation in the country.

In a 22-page decision, the National Civil Court No. 61 in Buenos Aires found the plaintiffs failed to prove that the case had any connection to Argentina that would justify recognition of the 2011 Ecuadorian judgment by the country’s courts.

The court found that Chevron Corporation is not domiciled and has no assets in Argentina, which “seals the fate of the present exequatur as it is inadmissible to recognize a foreign decision in this jurisdiction where the defendant has no point of connection.”

The court relied on a previous decision from the Argentina Supreme Court which found that Chevron’s indirect subsidiary in Argentina, Chevron Argentina SRL, is a separate entity from Chevron Corporation; not a party to the Ecuadorian lawsuit; and an embargo against its assets in support of the Ecuadorian judgment is “manifestly contrary to Argentinean public policy.” The opinion awards costs to Chevron, as the prevailing party.

Dismissal of the recognition action in Argentina is the latest setback for the lawyers behind the fraudulent lawsuit.

Attempts to enforce the fraudulent judgment in other jurisdictions have been met with similar resistance.