Apple Co-Founder Launches Startup To Transform Tech Education

Steve "Woz" Wozniak

Cofounder of Apple Computer and inventor of the Apple II computer, Steve “Woz” Wozniak announced on Friday the launch of his latest startup, Woz U – a digital institute that aims to reprogram tech education and to inspire the next generation of innovators in Arizona, United States.

Wozniak said Woz U was created to make tech less intimidating, “People often are afraid to choose a technology-based career because they think they can’t do it,” he said in a statement. “I know they can, and I want to show them how.”

Woz U is centered on giving people relevant skills as a kind of insurance policy. As tech becomes more dominant in the US economy, America’s tech sector will need more people to fill new roles. According to Wozniak, there’s a way to do that without pilling up thousands in college loans.

Woz U aims to separate itself through its various detachments. The primary one is the collection of online classes that people can enroll in to learn the basics of computer support and software development. In time, the curriculum will expand to include data scientists and cybersecurity experts. Woz U will also focus on getting students career-ready by helping them with their resumes, practice coding tests, and building out their portfolios.

In addition, Woz U will look to enter schools to encourage kids in K-12 to pursue science, tech, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM); it’ll build an accelerator program to “develop elite tech talent”; and it’ll work with companies to recruit and train new talent on-site, through Woz U programs.

Wozniak however did not disclose the exact costs for students, but a spokesperson said “cost of tuition would vary based on the students program or retraining needs.