Algeria Targets 25,000MW Capacity by 2025


Enterprise Television- Algeria Targets 25,000MW Capacity by 2025

The Algeria government says it wants to add 1,500MW power to the national grid yearly, as it targets 25,000MW generation capacity by 2015.

According to Energy Minister, Mustapha Guitouni who made the announcement, the country will look at the possibility of also including 2,000MW of solar plants to meet the 25,000MW target.

“Power stations generating 1,500MW will be built each year with equipment, including gas turbines manufactured in Algeria at Batna plant,” Mr. Guitouni said.

According to him, once the national electricity needs are met, the country will export the energy surplus. He indicated that electricity exports would go first to Tunisia and Libya.

Currently, Algeria’s energy consumption at its peak, stands at 15,000MW, especially in the warm months, and 8,000MW on average during the other periods of the year.