Act Unction (Action)


This is an important truth to every believer that is into business and also desires to be successful in life. In all the scripture in the bible, countless examples have shown us the stand of God concerning the resources of heaven. God says, “I have given unto you everything that pertains to life and Godliness” (2 Pet.1:3). The book of Deuteronomy emphasized that power to get wealth has been given to us (Deut.8:18). We were also told in Psalms (84:11) that “God our Father gives grace and glory, and He does not withhold anything that is good from them that walk uprightly. The emphasis in these verses is on what has been given, freely released for God’s people. The promises that were made unto the children of Israel by God were not enjoyed by some of the tribes because they could not take what was given. God swore and ratified it by a covenant yet they missed it. In the New Testament Romans 5:17 says “…they that receive abundance…’’ The problem has never been about giving; rather it has always been about receiving. It is not about God withholding, rather it has been about people rejecting through ignorance. David would have lost out completely when the Amalekites raided his abode and took away everything that belonged to him and his group. The instruction he received was to Go! Pursue! There is great wisdom here even when we think we have lost all. You can only lose when you are seated, moving and refuse to move forward, what you have waiting for you ahead is more than what you lost. However, the moment you get up on your feet and you begin to move then you experience the miraculous power of God in your situation. It is only when there is a movement that signs and wonders follow. Let me enumerate some of the obstacles to our receiving, one of such is: 1. Ignorance: How do you receive what you are not aware belongs to you? How do you go after what is not yours? What is visible to you and it is false deters you from believing the truth. You believe the giver above the circumstances surrounding you. With this understanding being clear you can now go and take possession. In business as well as life, it is people that believe that possess. This is truth and it does not belong to you as a believer only, it belongs to every practitioner functioning in this understanding. There is no getting truly without going. You must come down on your high horse of fear and intimidation and go for what is yours by Destiny. 2. Inertia is the inability to take action. The difference between where you are now and where God designed you to be is the actions you have refused to take. The word of God says that the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. You have to go on the basis of the spoken word of God. Peter said that they had toiled all night, imagine what that mean? Toiling is a negative dissipation of energy accompanied with stress, strain and emotional trauma without commensurate result. But the only thing that saved the day, and delivered them from toiling was their GOING based on the spoken word of Jesus. 3. Despising instruction: Words are going to be spoken to you this year by God, thoughts, and ideas that are bigger than your wildest imagination will come your way this year, except you gird your loins and take that step to GO after it your toiling continues. Brethren, this season is a season of wonderful, powerful opportunities that will astound our world. There must first be a GOING based on the understanding of what has been given before we can get. You must be prepared to launch into the deep this year at the instruction of the WORD of God. You cannot catch a whale in the pond behind your house. You have to go to the high sea, position yourself with the requisite equipment and catch it. My company was up against an established, more renowned company and we bided for the same project. I could sit on my rear and loose out by believing the lie of impossibility and not take a step. But this understanding I am passing across to you made me stand up, without a doubt that God was with me and we took the project. God truly has given unto us everything that pertains unto life and Godliness in our business but we must go and get it otherwise, it remains in the position of being given which is of no benefit to anyone. As you walk in the light of this TRUTH remain blessed The post Act Unction (Action) appeared first on BusinessDay : News you can trust.
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