9mobile, Bango to Launch Payment Solution


Enterprise Television- 9mobile, Bango to Launch Payment Solution

9mobile has partnered Bango, a leading global mobile payments company, to launch operator-billed payments for Google Play users. With this, customers can through 9pay, pay for an array of media, games, apps and digital content on Google Play store.

9pay customers will also be able to use their accounts to pay for an exciting array of services online such as lottery, collect change digitally and pay for web services. This great new step also ensures that local developers of apps and games will find it infinitely easier to monetise their offerings.

Chief Product and Information Officer, 9mobile, Otuyemi Otule, said 9mobile was happy to expand its mobile payment solutions in Nigeria, which has a combination of a highly unbanked and highly mobile-first population. He added that 9mobile’s 9pay offers millions of consumers means of making important financial transactions, including sending and receiving money, receiving change from merchants, topping up air-time and much more.

9mobile and Bango target a high impact in Nigeria – approximately 150 million subscribers, which will be more than any other African country.

Anderson said with a high Android device penetration and low banked population, Africa has become a prime market for transformative mobile payment solutions. Direct Carrier Billing and stored value systems such as 9pay provide a safe, simple mechanism for increasing access to digital content and services.

He added that the Google Play store pre-installed on all Android devices will enable millions of Nigerian consumers to participate in the m-commerce experience.